This is the story of a scandal - a tale of deceit and cover-up at the highest levels of international affairs. It is one that the UN tried to stop from happening but the governments involved ignored their message.

The root of the problem lay with American interest in the Indian Ocean which grew in the 1960s as Britain’s retreat from empire threatened to produce a power vacuum in waters adjacent to the Persian Gulf. The US decided that a military base was needed.

US military surveyors considered Aldabra Island, another British possession nearer to Africa, but it was ruled out because of the presence of a rare species of turtle. The people of the Chagos archipelago, however, were not considered a problem.

Between 1968 and 1973, the entire population of this small group of islands in the Indian ocean were systematically removed from their homes and exiled, by a government who deliberately ‘maintained the fiction’ to the rest of the world that they didn’t exist, and therefore had no rights.

Recent court hearings have heard how senior officials in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the time of the expulsions conspired to conceal the operation, which involved the gassing of animals and the forcing of pregnant women into the hold of a merchant ship. Some miscarried after being dumped in the slums of Mauritius, where many islanders still remain.

Great Recipes in Time for Your Family Gathering

Coming from the Andes, the quinoa grain has been a staple food for South Americans for centuries, and now with so many recipes including this food (which is often compared to rice) people all over the world are beginning to incorporate it into their meals.

Sometimes you just need to reward yourself for being so good with your diet and in the gym. There are many easy cookie recipes out there that show just how delicious home-made cookies can be. Be careful not to get reminiscent of a simpler time when mother would make cookies and serve them fresh out of the oven with a nice frosty glass of milk.

If you are a fan of nut roasts or other similar vegetarian meals, the Quinoa loaf is definitely for you. The recipe is simple enough to follow and includes adding a lot of vegetables which means that you could even add a few others if you wanted to experiment a little – not just for vegetarians, meat eaters will love this hearty loaf too!

If you are cooking for dinner guests, then making a dessert is so much more personal than buying a shop bought sweet. If you want to try new cake recipes from scratch , then get Recipe Bridge to help you out. The site has an abundance of recipes for all your bakery needs and the search tool will help you find what you want in merely seconds – from cherry cakes to cinnamon coffee cakes – it’s got it all.

A perfect pudding to serve your guests is the chocolate fondant cake. Usually served with a light spongy outer layer and with a melted chocolate centre which oozes out when cut, this dessert is decadent to say the least. If you want to try and make your own, find a few easy-to-follow fondant recipes and make a test batch first – once you have perfected this chocolaty treat, you’ll defiantly want to make it again!

Foreclosure Negotiations

When commercial foreclosure negotiations start, it is necessary for both the lender and mortgage borrower to get a foreclosure lawyer to help with proceedings.

The foreclosure process can occur through a number of reasons including divorce, redundancy, too much debt or many other factors. If a property owner and the lender cannot reach an arrangement where the owner can still live at the property and still make some sort of payment/cash flow positive property investment or alternative mortgage agreement, the foreclosure process begins which means these types of decisions can be made.

If an agreement cannot be reached or an owner ignores the lenders correspondence, proceedings are likely to take place. However, if a different payment agreement can be made, then this can stop the foreclosure process happening altogether.

If You Just Aren’t Seeing the Results You Want…

Getting ‘big’ is all about increasing muscle mass, and not fat. It is therefore vital for people who want to increase their body mass without increasing their body fat to stick to a strict workout routine, get enough rest, eat the right foods and take the right bodybuilding supplements.

Rather than taking illegal steps to getting a body image and damaging your health, supplements that can help you retain that natural pump can leave you looking lean and muscle in the long term. For supplements that can work quickly and effectively, many bodybuilders have tried Parabol, tablets that can be taken with food and can help you bulk up to your ideal body image.

Not only do body building supplements such as Parabol or Anavar help you gain muscle during your workouts, they are also great for stripping away body fat, leaving you with a lean, solid and defined physique.

Different Ways to Get People Hungry

There are many different food advertising options, and when it comes to buying and selling advertising space, there is a lot of choice. To increase revenue, many online advertising companies have turned to private ad exchanges to buy and sell their ad space.

An ad exchange is basically a real time bidding platform where advertising buyers and sellers can bid for or sell specific advertising spaces.

This makes searching for advertising space a lot easier for sellers, as signing up to an advertising marketplace can save an advertiser or publisher trying to find people who want to buy or sell and advertising space they have available. As publishers are often left with a lot of advertising space in a month, it also means that they are willing to sell the space at cheaper prices than usual – which is a great opportunity for a buyer to find discounted ads.

Buyers can also benefit from an online bidding marketplace such as an ad exchange as you are given helpful pieces of information from the platform that can help you bid safely and effectively. Buyers can search for specific bidding details that will get them the best deal possible. Buyers are also put in total control of how much they see fit to bid on a particular inventory and are also given the chance to set time frames.

When it comes to food marketing , a digital advertising platform such as a private exchange marketplace can benefit both the buyer and the seller. By using this type of platform, the sale and purchase of an advertising space can be made so much easier and the seller is able to make money through sales, and the buyer will be able to increase their impressions too.

Nothing Like a Good Ol’ Massage for Sore Muscles

In general, massages have been known to relax and relieve you from stress; however a session with a Bellevue chiropractor or massage therapist can also help with other issues as well and can overall help improve your health.

A chiropractor physically treats your muscles, bones and joints by manipulating different areas of your body using his or her hands. Chiropractors are often used to treat neck, shoulder or back pain, however they are also able to treat other conditions too such as your other joints.

A Redmond chiropractor can massage or manipulate your bones until back pains are reduced, aggression subsides or your range of movements are improved. This is a popular form of treatment with many people and can be very relaxing.

Pet Fencing Systems

Installing a pet fence around the perimeters of your house is the obvious solution to keeping your pet safe. Dogs and cats will not understand the boundaries of your house unless they are properly trained, and if you have been trying to train your pet to stay close to the house and have been unsuccessful thus far, then perhaps a dog containment system can help.

Pet fences can come in a variety of forms, but the most popular of all is the wireless pet containment system. It has many advantages and can be just what you are looking for to help train your pet. When there is no visible pet fence, your dog isn’t going to bark at passing dogs that they know are there but cannot see. Familiarising your dog with passersby will mean that you won’t be up at all hours trying to stop your dog from barking at the newspaper delivery boy!

Pets of every size can be contained within a wireless fence’s boundaries. A wire is buried around the outer edges of your house and then the wire emits a signal which is controlled by the transmitter. The transmitter is then connected to the receiver on the dog’s or cat’s collar which sends your pet a warning if they get too close to the boundary.

When it comes to getting a dog fence wireless systems are the best – not only do they require little maintenance, they are also hidden, which means that your house doesn’t feel shut off from the rest of the neighbourhood – and shutting you off is something a tall fence would definitely do.

Wireless dog fences have increased in popularity over the past few years and the electric dog fence reviews speak for themselves, as pet owners everywhere are discovering just how reliable and effective the wireless system is. Don’t just assume that your dog or cat is going to be safe in your home, to prevent the risk of losing him, installing a pet fence is the best way to guarantee his safety.